Solar energy

Solar energy is the energy, which is directly used from the radiant energy of the sun. On the one hand we can produce electricity with photovoltaic assets and on the other hand we can generate thermal energy (heat i.e. warm water preparation) with solar cells. In Kötschach-Mauthen there are many sunshine hours all-over the year that is why many private households also use the power of the sun with its benefits.

“Solar Power Plant City Hall”
The “Solar Power Plant City Hall” is a 141m² photovoltaic plant at the roof of the city hall in Kötschach-Mauthen with 20kWpeak power. The installation of this power plant was realised by the community with civic participation and renewable energy utility “Alpen Adria Energie GmbH”. There is a digital display that shows everybody how much electricity is produced. In front of the city hall there is a charging station for electric traction.


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