One of the most important resources for mankind’s energy supply is the stream of the water. This movement of the water makes it possible to generate electricity. The worldwide-generated energy of hydroelectric-power-stations can be compared to the energy production of all nuclear power stations.

The alpine location of Kötschach-Mauthen is one of the most important requirements for the usage of hydropower in this region. The first hydroelectric power station was built in 1886. Today 21 private small hydroelectric power stations form an optimal used network. In Kötschach-Mauthen there are two different types of hydroelectric power plants: one is the run-of-river power station and the other is pumped storage hydro power station. The naturally built alpine water reservoirs “Grünsee”, “Cellonsee” and “Valentinsee” in the “Plöckengebiet” are not only energy storage but also very popular and beautiful touristic destination.

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